Nirvana Hotels | Mediterranean Gastronomy


L&H Ultra All Inclusive Concept
Going beyond the usual all-inclusive food and beverage concepts, with Local & Healthy Food, the concept of healthy life is at the forefront at every stage. With this unorthodox and significant change, the difference of a whole new perspective is being felt by the guest.

Local & Healthy Food
* Food products are predominantly selected and presented by adhering to the original local area.
* Local regions are stated by labels during presentations (Kars kashar, Afyon kaymak, etc.).
* Gluten-free bread and healthy wheat-produced dough products are offered.
* In children and baby buffets, healthy, non-packaged, natural products are served.
* Healthy drinks such as ayran, milk, kefir, boza, lemonade, turnip juice, natural fruit and vegetable juices, are kept in the forefront during presentations.
* Fried products with refined trans fat content are not presented. Healthy cooking methods are kept in the forefront during food production throughout the facility.

Samsara Main Restaurant
The Sea Club Sea Food
Welldone Grill House
Gusto Italian Alacarte
Ukiyo Far East Alacarte & Sushi
Sofra Traditional Turkish Flavours
Fellini Bistro 24
Ch'i Vegan Food
Bosphorus Alacarte
Taverna Alacarte
Georgian Alacarte
Aqua Snack
Amor Patisserie
Cafe Avenue Coffee Shop
Atelier Chocolat
The Roof Bar
Lobby Bar
Brahman Lagoon Bar
Jazar Lagoon Bar
Karman Lagoon Bar
Pena Lagoon Bar
Ramona Lagoon Bar
Vicna Lagoon Bar
Pier Bar
Nectar Bar
Aqua Bar
Splendid Bar
The Sea Club Lounge Bar
Pier The Club
Dolce Gelato Boutique