We protect our environment with high precision. We carefully carry out the existing standards and the laws and related regulations of the Republic of Turkey in our hotels. We completely carry out all the environmental audit, control and management activities with in the Environmental Management System with the principle of sustainability and we continuously improve ourselves to prevent environmental pollution.



As Kilit Group, we participated in RUNTALYA race with our corporate employees in order to support thousands of children in need who do not have a book, with the campaign titled ’A Reading Future’, initiated under the leadership of AÇEV Foundation.  With the donations we collected through the run for goodness platform, we raised to the 1st place by collecting the most donations in Antalya. We provided support to approximately 2050 children through AÇEV.


With a special event dedicated to the World Animal Protection Day, we included an interview on animal rights, animal health and care. We have become a temporary home in the process of going to their new homes for 34 dogs removed from Manavgat Shelter in Manavgat fire. Olympos Veterinary Clinic carried out all healthcare services free of charge.

It was ensured that the scorecards of our cats in our hotel were removed, sterilized, chipped, and rabies vaccinations and internal and external parasite treatments were made.

Our kittens are cared for in our Pet hotel and new nests are also being sought. Many of our kittens and dogs have been adopted. Our large breed dog Pluto, who has had an accident and has been treated, is in our care.

Thanks to the event held on 4 October Animal Protection Day, we supported our friend who fed with the foods taken.

In our facilities, environmental activities are organized for small nature volunteer children in children's clubs. Within the scope of these activities, activities such as making a green world with spilled leaves, activities with sea shells, getting to know nature with camping activity, getting to know natural products, using recyclable materials, protecting and raising awareness of nature are organized.

Green key award has been obtained by providing measures such as energy and water saving, use of environmentally friendly cleaning materials and waste management by reducing the negative effects of the enterprise on the environment.

It supports sustainable development in fresh water and sea areas and Blue Flag award is available in our facilities.

Zero Waste Certificate has been obtained covering prevention of waste, more efficient use of resources, prevention or minimization of waste formation by reviewing the causes of waste formation, separate collection and recycling in case of waste formation.

Caretta nests that laid eggs were taken under control to draw attention to the endangered caretta on our coast and to eliminate the damage to them.  The coast has been decontaminated to allow the Caretta to reach the sea. Bird nests are available at our facilities.

Seedlings were donated to the TEMA (Turkish Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion) foundation to contribute to the fight against erosion and afforestation. LÖSEV (Foundation for Children with Leukemia) box has been provided and the accumulated money will be delivered to LÖSEV as Nirvana Hotels.

We collect the blue caps accumulated in our hotels to donate to TOFD (Spinal Cord Paralytics Association of Turkey).

A sustainable environmental survey is applied to evaluate our environmental practices from the guest perspective. The results are shared periodically by the department managers.

Environmental audits are carried out regularly to reduce the negative effects of activities on the environment, to minimize pollution, to improve existing activities and to impose the necessary sanctions on the polluter. 

Based on the data of the Annual Environmental Monitoring Report, waste rates, blue flag analyses, internal audit results, satisfaction rates are monitored and compared.

In addition to general environmental data, chemical, water, electricity, natural gas consumption per capita and chemical consumption according to departments are among the targets of the departments and are monitored regularly.


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