Nirvana Hotels introduces an array of innovative concepts to guests at three luxurious five-star hotels located in the most beautiful areas along Türkiye’s Mediterranean coast. Offering culinary highlights such as a gourmet gastronomy journey aligned with the Local & Healthy Foods approach and vegan cuisine, guests at Nirvana Hotels also enjoy private sandy beaches with Blue Flag certification, piers and pavilions, and a mega water park and pools, as well as pet-friendly accommodation, chic L’Occitane-branded SPA centres, and distinctive meeting and event spaces. Presenting an ideal setting for leisure and business trips, the Nirvana Hotels brand combines the Mediterranean spirit with outstanding service and a superior quality understanding.



As the Nirvana Hotels family, we protect our environment with high sensitivity, and we carefully comply with the existing standards, Turkish laws and relevant legislation at all our hotels. We fully perform all environmental, audit, control and management activities within the Environmental Management System and in line with the concept of sustainability, and we are constantly improving ourselves to prevent environmental pollution.

We work to develop awareness of sustainability, waste separation and the environment among all our corporate employees and the other stakeholders around us.

We continue our studies by contributing to the values of our country with continuous awareness and innovation studies on water and energy consumption.


To contribute to the continuous improvement and development of these processes as all employees of the institution by ensuring the standardization of the business and service processes to which we are committed; to maximize the quality of service we provide in our facilities through optimal use of the power of other logistics and operative companies within the Kilit Group; to ensure that the productivity of new and creative ideas is widespread among all employees of the institution; to employ and train the best team members and to maintain continuous training within the system; to create a working environment that attracts the most qualified employees in the sector; and to increase operational efficiency with a guest- and employee-oriented management approach.



To undertake projects that attract great attention and demand from guests and suppliers; to ensure that our guests, suppliers and other stakeholders are highly satisfied; to maintain an impeccable image and wide awareness; to lead the sector by directing and innovating; to invest in sports, and a healthy and natural life culture, and make a significant difference in the sector in the concept of children and families; to accord special attention to the gastronomic and natural beauties of Türkiye and give these elements a prominent place in our concept; to establish strategic long-term cooperations with world-leading brands in our fields of operation; to offer a superb combination of entertainment and leisure in our in-plant service areas; and to create a luxury hotel brand that offers world-class, high-quality services in two concepts and has the qualifications to proudly represent Türkiye.


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The Kilit Group family has realized the Cosmos Theatre and Cosmos Moonlight, which reflect its pioneering and future-oriented spirit to a new lifestyle, in accordance with its vision. 


Located in the Nirvana Cosmopolitan Hotel, the Cosmos Theatre hosts concerts, thematic events and surprise organizations of famous local and foreign artists. 


Offering an extraordinary atmosphere where digital and visual art meet, a fine dining concept signed by famous French chefs, and expert mixologists, you are invited to savour a cosmic journey that goes beyond the boundaries of the universe. 


Reflecting the product diversification strategy of the Kilit Group in tourism, Cosmos Moonlight, Türkiye’s largest catamaran boat, welcomes guests aboard in the new season. 


Two distinctive cruise tours – namely the ‘Daytime Cruise’ by day and the ‘Night-time Cruise’ by night – bring guests to the most beautiful shores of Antalya. 


An exceptionally special experience awaits guests on Cosmos Moonlight, with its unique design and unforgettable events and organizations. 

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