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Chayote invites you to a unique culinary discovery, blending the flavors of the Mediterranean and Aegean with modern touches. Located amidst the elegant architecture of Nirvana Cosmopolitan, Chayote offers local flavors with a contemporary approach, opening a new page in gastronomy.

The restaurant, which takes on the task of reviving local flavors using masterful use of local and seasonal ingredients, is stirring a wind of innovation in the culinary world with its constantly evolving dynamic menu. The restaurant's name is inspired by Sechium edule, an edible plant from the gourd family, originating from Latin America and finding a unique home in the Mediterranean region. Known among the people as Prickly Chayote Squash, this precious plant has become an unforgettable part of Antalya's cuisine.

Be ready to experience the unique harmony of Mediterranean and Aegean flavors enriched with modern touches at Chayote. This special restaurant invites you to the heart of culinary art with delicacies prepared with local and fresh ingredients.


Fresh and Natural
Fresh and Natural

Fresh and Natural

Every dish at Chayote is prepared with the freshest and most natural materials offered by nature. We commit to serving healthy and delicious meals with seasonally selected ingredients.

Professional Team
Professional Team

Professional Team

Aiming to offer not just a meal, but also an experience with the leadership of Chef Tuncay Gülcü, our professional team targets excellence in culinary arts.

Local Ingredients
Local Ingredients

Local Ingredients

From Urla artichokes to Manavgat tahini, from Edremit cheese to Marmaris honey, our menu is prepared with the best materials from local producers, guaranteeing flavor and freshness.

Local Flavors with Modern Touches

Chayote reinterprets the rich and diverse culinary culture of the Mediterranean and Aegean with modern techniques and creative presentations. Our menu, where local flavors meet modern touches, takes you on a unique taste journey.

The Harmony of the Mediterranean and Aegean

At Chayote Restaurant, which opens its doors at Nirvana Cosmopolitan, we offer the flavors of these two unique regions together in an atmosphere reflecting the warmth and hospitality of the Mediterranean and Aegean. Our menu, blending the freshness and quality of local ingredients, deliciously brings the harmony of these two regions to your plates.


  • Dates:
    Everyday Except Monday
  • Working Hours:
    18.00 - 23.00
  • Nirvana Fine Catering:
    Coming Soon

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