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Nirvana Mediterranean Excellence, located in the pine forests of the Beydağları National Park in Antalya, Kemer, with its cedar houses that bring together luxury and natural beauties, is the ideal place for your family holiday. Thanks to early booking opportunities, you can fully experience the fresh air of the Mediterranean and the peace of nature, living an unforgettable experience immersed in nature. This special holiday destination promises accommodation integrated with nature and unique moments of tranquility.

Nirvana Mediterranean Excellence offers facilities that aim to be among the first hotels that come to mind when choosing a hotel in Antalya. Located among the natural beauties of Kemer Beldibi, with a position overlooking the cool waters of the Mediterranean and the impressive landscapes of the Taurus Mountains, this luxury facility stands out with its spacious and comfortable rooms, private beach, swimming pools with water slides, comprehensive wellbeing concept, and being pet-friendly. Ideal for families and couples, this holiday place offers a variety of dining options featuring Turkish and international cuisines, alongside various entertainment and activity opportunities. Nirvana Mediterranean Excellence offers its guests a peaceful and unforgettable holiday experience, surrounded by nature.

Hayvan Dostu
Lüks Alışveriş
Oda Servis
Kişisel Asistan
Gastronomi Deneyimi
Otopark Alanı
Buggy Hizmeti
Oteller Arası Transfer


Nirvana Mediterranean Excellence is equipped with exclusive stores offering various shopping experiences. Among these stores are Emilio, Emilio Diamond, Emilio Ottica, and Emilio Leather & Fur. Here, you can find clothing, accessories, shoes, jewelry, eyewear, leather, and fur collections from select and luxury brands as well as globally renowned designers.

These stores promise a luxury shopping experience and an atmosphere filled with high-quality products. Additionally, guests can enjoy Nirvana Hotels' signature Dolce Gelato ice cream, Atelier Chocolat chocolate shop, and ME&You wine, as well as coffee delights at the Nespresso and WPS Starbucks branches in Antalya. Nirvana Mediterranean Excellence offers a wide range of options for your shopping and pleasures, ensuring a complete experience during your holiday.


Nirvana Hotels, operational since 2014 under the Kilit Group, offers guests an unforgettable holiday experience with years of experience and an innovative approach. With a 68-year history and expertise in hotel management, Kilit Group plays a leading role in the industry, combining quality and comfort at the highest level at Nirvana Dolce Vita Hotel. 

Nirvana Hotels distinguishes itself with modern and stylish design, superior service philosophy, and attention to detail in every aspect. Our hotels, located in one of Antalya's most beautiful regions, are an excellent choice for guests who want to explore the unique beauties of the Mediterranean.

Reflecting the values of Kilit Group, Nirvana Hotels promises a special and memorable holiday with its innovative and guest-oriented approach, making each guest's stay unique.

Nirvana Mediterranean Excellence
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